the year of the phoenix

January 8, 2021

2 days ago, an organization of despicably bad actors sealed into recorded history, a soft coup d’etat, a take over of the government of the United States of America.

We all watched it happen in real time, those of us who are critical thinkers, intelligent, educated citizens. This time it was the democratic party benefitting from the stealing, and through an extremely complex web of conspiracy, combining multiple forms of physical and digital fraud and propaganda on a massive scale that operated with literally hundreds if not thousands of conspirators, succeeded in fabricating the vote tabulation of millions of voters across multiple states in the US.

There was no way that they could not have been caught. The operation was simply too massive a scale to go un-noticed by even the dimmest of witted citizenry. For weeks after, the corporate media establishment, highly complicit, continued along with their 5+ year modus operandi of a steady stream of anti-truth propaganda campaigns to aggressively demand that the population submit themselves to a level of cognitive dissonance so unreal that they truly made absolute falsehood into reality for at least half of the country.

Why? Why do this? Why go to all the trouble?


A tiny group of the population, trying to control the entire mass. It is truly as simple as that.

I realized first hand watching all of these events unfold from my as-still relatively safe location in western Canada, one simple truth:

That the power elite that has been ruling the planet for many centuries, is truly failing, because the people are realizing that they themselves are the true power, and that the 3 main systems that kept a tiny fraction of our species in a position to control the massive multitude of the population: Government, Money, and Media, are in reality, just constructs, that can be de-constructed or re-architected by the people as needed.

In world war II, Adolf Hitler decreed in his last will and testament, that if he should die, his direct successor was to be Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels was the head of the ministry of propaganda for Nazi Germany. The reason this dark shadow of history is relevant, is because primarily, in order to maintain power over the people, you must be able to control what they believe. You must be able to control their thoughts, and literally, control their minds, and therefore, their actions in the natural world.

As it turns out, humans, us, are the most valuable asset on this or any planet. Us humans, as a commodity; as a controllable resource, is truly the real asset and power on this planet at least, if you can control us effectively.

The government is just a system of making and enforcing rules that society should follow if society has not as of yet reached the stage of enlightenment that actually has no need of rules. For in truth, a truly enlightened society simply adheres to universal laws based on respect and common sense and needs no scriptures from which to adhere; innately aware of the only law ever needed, which is to do no harm, because why would you. From the gospel of Jesus the Master, this is: love thine enemy, as you would thyself and thy God. Simply put, recognize that we are all divine children of God, and so therefore why would we ever feel the need to hurt another, as that would simply be us hurting our own self.

This is where the media comes in. You need the media to install the belief that we are not all children of God that just happen to look different and possess an infinite variety of ideas and methods of interaction. You must install a belief that we are not all one with God, that we are not in fact capable of peaceful co-existence. That we are alone, isolated. This is in fact the exact opposite of our true divine nature.

Anyone who attempts to rule over another, lacks or worse, chooses to deny the fundamental awareness of this simple universal truth, which is truly a sad thing.

The thing that occurred to me as I have been watching the 4+ year mission of the ruling class to use the media to mentally enslave the population, is that media is a relatively new thing. I’ll be 50 this year and growing up in the 70’s and 80’s there were 3 television channels, and printed newspaper only. Prior to that there was only newspaper and radio stations. Prior to that there was only newspaper.

Prior to that, there was only the church.

The church was where the people would gather regularly, and this included the local leadership. Historically the church gave us the belief systems that we have traditionally known in society, at least in the west. Divine in origin, but fallible, subject to the freewill and perceptions of mankind.

In 2021, there is less frequent church congregation, and television and now internet and social media, hold wealth of the knowledge of society within its bubble.

Weeks ago, a massive, wide-spread fraud was perpetrated in the form of a coordinated infiltration, bureaucratic and digital attack, and the exact opposite of that simple fact was able to be fed directly into the minds of a large part of the population. Through the media, the perpetrators had the ability to ‘NOT’ the truth as it were. In the digital world to ‘NOT’ something is to change something into its exact opposite, from true to false or false to true, etc.

Today’s media has the power to ‘NOT’ the truth for the benefit of those who control the media, and install the exact opposite of the truth into the minds of the population, and also to censor and block anyone who seeks to expose that knowledge Just for posting this article, my website could very well be subjected to an attack, or I could be banned from corporate controlled social media.

Two days ago, members of the United States senate and congress actually committed treason by certifying fraudulent election results for the purpose of installing a candidate that was not the candidate elected by the people. The state is now aggressively trying to eliminate all traces of this fact from all forms of media in order to change the perception of past events into something that is not based in reality. We are today, watching the hostile takeover of the United States of America through a color revolution.

At least half the population of the USA fought incredibly hard to expose the truth to its own population and the world. The power elite however proved to have too much control over the people by the means of the control of information through the media, and the illegal candidate was given the position of President of the United States by the US Senate and Congress.

On January 6, 2021, a protest happened in Washington, D.C. and the Capitol building was breached and a small number of protestors gained access, and while we are still learning the actual reasons behind it, one thing changed in America:

An understanding of the true balance of power was again realized.

It was realized by enough of the people that would allow that truth to manifest and propagate. Note how the term ‘propaganda’ really applies in its best case here! Propagation of divine truth, rather than propagation of man-made falsehoods. The people learned that unified, they collectively wielded the real power over their collective destiny, that they always had, and that truth could never be reversed.

48 hours later, this awareness is starting to integrate into the hearts and minds of the collective, and the people now, are beginning to rise into their true divine power and sovereignty.

The phoenix is the bird that rises out of the ashes of its previous life.

The battle for planet earth has only just begun, and the best is yet to come.

With divine love,