The starting point is actually infinity.

I have done a lot of study into this matter! An interesting thing, is our consciousness. I say our consciousness, and you may have heard it said already that we are all one. Which is great. We are one. You, the reader, and me, the writer, we are one. So how is that actually possible, and more importantly, why is that even relevant, and how does that relate to the too often low balance in my chequing account?

Looking around at today’s world, a large number of people are waking up. You may have heard that said before too. So if you are waking up, does that mean that you were sleeping before? Does that mean that you are sleeping now?

here we are though, questioning. There is so much to address, and in one article of sitting, it is hard to encapsulate into a coherent missive that will do little more than plant a seed, and yet, that is a really good analogy for what we are talking about.

A seed.

As a metaphor, a seed could be said to be a starting point, the smallest new physical form of a tree, that when combined with the correct stimulus will metamorphosis into a tree. Yet, a seed is more than a seed. It has DNA and all types of nutrients that expand and grow and combine with other elements to get to the nature of a tree.

Another analogy is a cell. What is a cell made of? Carbon and other elements? Which are themselves made up of atoms, which are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons, and what are those made up of? Smaller and smaller we inspect, and eventually we get down to a pure waveform, a mere gravitational fluctuation that produces a photon of light.


That which you depict as coming down from the sun in the day-time. makes up or atoms, which makes up the elements that make up the cells of our bodies and all the other physical objects in the universe that we think of as having matter, or mass, or density.

So now that we got the physical construct of matter out of the way, the next obvious question is, why is there matter? Why does matter, matter?

The answer to that, is related to the notion of density. How dense is the dot at the bottom of the question mark at end of this sentence? You may look at the dot, and respond, well, it’s just light, a collection of  pixels on the screen that exist because of electricity. it basically has no density, it has no mass. it barely exists in comparison to the eyes in my head reading this article. Yet, we’ve just had a significant conversation about that dot. between us, and in fact amongst the majority of the planetary population, this dot has meaning. It has meaning, though relatively no mass, and once your device is powered off, that dot may no longer exist any more. Yet it still exists, we’re still talking about it.

So, follow the analogy to your own relativity. Do you exist? Even though we may never have met, I know you’re there because you are reading this article. In this moment in fact, you and I are occupying the same point in space-time, though that is a concept for later. Needless to say, can you exist without your mass, without the collection of atoms that represents the carbon and silicon based ‘life form’ that is walking around and talking to other people?

Are you anything more than the sum of your physical body parts? Do you occupy any other forms other than what your doctor can physically examine? Perhaps you knew that your body generates an electro-magnetic field, that is not perceptible to the eye. Your heart in fact, generates the strongest electro-magnetic field of any part of your body, and the shape of the field is that of a Torus, which is like a donut. It exists whether you are aware of it or not. In fact your human eye can only perceive a tiny fraction of the entire electro-magnetic spectrum of colored light. This huge spectrum also exists, whether you are aware of it or not.

Which brings us to the matter of your consciousness. Did your consciousness come as a result of your body, or did your body come about as a result of your consciousness?

I’ll come back to that, but for now i want to circle back to the topic of the atoms and the photons. there is amazing work being done today in the realms of physics, namely by such groups as the Resonance Science Foundation and Nassim Haramein, that are doing the work of quantifying the substance that the universe is made of. Nassim and others are re-learning our science and re-writing our awareness of our existence. The fact that the universe is ever expanding, is something that we have known for some time, however to simplify greatly, the atom and the photon are not the smallest form of existence, in fact, it gets smaller to infinity.

Now infinity is a pesky subject to wrap your head around. Infinty in fact has no starting point. It cannot, because it is infinite. It always was, and always is, because, well, it’s infinite. The spiral that heads this article is what is known as the Phi Ratio, or Golden Mean, or Fibonacci sequence. It is the ratio at which the universe expands outward, and spirals inward. The inside of the spiral never stops. it keeps spiraling smaller and smaller into infinity inward. It also keeps growing outward, ever reaching out, out, to infinity.

Which brings us back to density.

In order to exist in form, the waveform creating the photons of light that our atoms are made up of must adhere to a certain frequency. This is the frequency of our bodies, of our planet, of our 3rd density universe that our 3rd density sensory organs and nervous system can perceive, because we are presently occupying this frequency of density in our 3rd density bodies. Notice I said density a lot and not 3rd ‘dimensional’. This is because I wanted to make the connection between frequency and density. Matter that adheres to a higher frequency is less dense than matter that operates at a lower frequency. In fact, matter that exists at a higher frequency, at a higher dimension, is in fact not even perceptible by our sensory organs, though all of us are able to do so, some more easily than others at this stage of our evolution, and this is also a topic for the future.

In art and architecture, we were taught to refer to length, width and depths as the dimensions, with time as the fourth dimension. Yet, that never made sense to me in terms of the relativity of such a sequence. Kind of like counting 1 … 2 … 3 … elephant. In any case, the ‘densities’ are also commonly referred to as the dimensions of existence, and the dimensions are in fact, infinite.

So what does that mean for us?

It means that as a species, we are much, much, MUCH more than what has been previously been taught throughout western civilization. It also means that your personal growth, and indeed our entire evolution as a species, is not anything at all like we have been taught thus far. It means that while we as a species currently adhere to the 3rd to 4th dimension,  we are rapidly progressing higher, and that progression is directly related to our own consciousness and how your consciousness is projecting itself into this dimension.

So the answer to the above is very simple. Consciousness is not an extension of the existence of your body. Your body is in fact an extension of your consciousness, and your consciousness is a lot like that spiral in its infinity.

So like your consciousness, your potential is also infinite. Where infinity is concerned, even utopia is only just a fantastically great stop along the way.