The medical emperor has no clothes

The Canadian election came and went, and the Libs didn’t get a majority, which I think bought us all some time (vive la resistance!). Had they won a majority, I think the pace of tyranny in Canada would have sped up dramatically. It still may. As it stands, they get to keep the same pace as before, essentially unchallenged by the feckless Cons.¬†Looking forward from being restricted from international air travel this October, woohoo!

So we have a little time to prepare. Keep communicating, keep fortifying and keep finding your friends. Prepare yourselves for what may be a dark winter. October mandates are coming.

That said, I am hearing that plenty of health professionals are finally coming to terms with the fact that the decades long universal gag order being imposed by the medical establishment over its members is about to amount to nothing if they are about to be mandated out of a job anyway.

“Don’t ask questions!” Don’t question the college of physicians. Don’t question the college of nurses. Don’t question the health authority. You’ll lose your license. They’ll pull your funding.

To hell with your license and to hell with your funding.

Project veritas is releasing whistleblower videos from nurses now saying exactly what hospital workers on the ground are seeing and now reporting to each other and trading stories; that vaccine injury is real, it is HIGH, and the medical establishment is threatening its membership with loss of license and threats of making them unemployable after life long careers helping people, including over a year caring for COVID patients while unvaccinated as we all know.

The medical establishment is about to get a very rude awakening, from its own members, who are becoming more and more prepared to turn on their masters with the most epic Canadian giant double fisted middle finger.

If they speak out the lose their license, maybe violate an NDA, and become unemployable and lose their careers.

If they don’t get the jab, they become unemployable and lose their careers.

The colleges of physicians and nurses, and health authorities, are running out of allies. They are losing their credibility, amongst their own members!

When you restrict the rights and freedoms of your own membership for DECADES, silencing dissent and oppressing your own good compassionate membership, there will come a day when your members will have lost respect for you.

i was there 10 years ago, but I held faith in the good and caring people in the system. Those people, the good and caring conscious, intelligent, principled and wise people, are the ones being forced out by the feckless, weak, corrupt, greedy, inept beaurocrats that will be left behind in the old legacy medical system.

The legacy medical system will not be able to survive without the foundation provided by the good people of integrity that were upholding it, these same ones willing to answer the call, work weeks of 12 hours shifts and give relentlessly over and above the call for the sake of helping another human. They are now being forced out.

We will see what will be left behind, and from where I am sitting, it won’t be much worth saving. It’s going to collapse, but in the meantime, our patients will need someone to turn to that isn’t corrupt.

New health authorities are being created as we speak. Find them. Even just make a tiny support group and do a zoom call, better yet, get together, offline, in the real world, but whatever you do find your tribe! Forwarding this and start a Thursday night meetup either virtual or in person. We get strength from each other. We act, we do, we build, we change our reality, together, as a team.

Infinite love, courageous caregivers.