The awakening

I was explaining to my wife last night as we talked about world events, she was asking about disinfo, and who are we supposed to believe when people keep saying next week, next month, soon, for this event and this arrest and that MOAB or bit of disclosure dropping, etc, etc.

I kind of summarized it like this:

At some point, when a person’s soul is ready, their awakening moment happens when they begin to see for the first time that something is wrong with the world. 

I was in my teens in the 80’s when I started to realize something was wrong with the world. I’ve been watching the world adopt technology and modernize now for the last 35 years. In that time, we went from next to zero global communication to mass global communication and total information overload. 

After 2000 years of recorded history, why do we still have war, disease, poverty? 

In the last 100 years or so while the public didn’t have global communication, the power elite did have it. They had the latest technology first, long before we the people got any version of it (

This question sent me down a rabbit hole of research. To summarize, most all roads of control schemes lead up to monetary policy and currency. This is the greatest evil, and all other systems of corruption live under it. 

The idea that we need war, poverty, disease, greed, etc, can only be the result of the near invisible systems we live through on a day to day basis but cannot really see for what they are; money (currency, economy, central banks, wall street), governance (two-party, uniparty, democracy), disease and health (pseudo agriculture, food production, pharma), energy (oil, climate change), war (oil, military industrial complex) and finally now information (media, big tech).

Fast forward to today, and we as a species are starting to wake up en masse. People like me have been waiting our whole lives for this point in history when people come to this simple conclusion:

Our human nature is of love and compassion and support for each other, and we are allowing all of these horrific systems to remain in place, betraying that truth that we all innately know.

So we are waking up as a society and shedding all of these dysfunctional things over the next 1-2 generations.

The white hats, the good guys, the alliance, have been at this longer than I have, since before / around the JFK assassination as far as we know, probably longer. The mission being carried out is of how to unpack and remove (or rather transform and alchemize and bring to the light) all of these systems on the planet, imprison the evil (horribly misguided) decision makers at the top, legally, fairly, justly while preventing minor or mass bloodshed events.

This was the take away:

As long as the enemy is in the process of destroying itself (as they are doing now, expertly), and the people are living in relative safety, the good guys have a chance to keep fortifying their position and keep making progress on all fronts, thereby giving the enemy the help they need in order to continue to destroy themselves. With any luck, they will make it so bad that near 300M people will demand real change. I think our children will also be a part of this battle.

The people were always the plan. That means us.

That means the people waking up and realizing something is wrong with the world, and that means the good guys holding onto all of their disclosure level evidence until the legacy mainstream corporate media and big tech has been conquered, destroyed themselves, or otherwise circumvented. You cannot release proof of the evil systemic structures controlling the people of the planet while the access to most information is being controlled by those same people. Same with the courts and the law enforcement, as we have seen during the events of the past winter.

So if you were the white hats, would you rather spend the next 4 years building a new free communications system across the planet and continue the mission of bolstering the people’s awakening while avoiding mass bloodshed, in order to inform the free people of the world of the truth, while the enemy insists on exposing itself for the evil that it is?

If you were a billionaire just recently leaving the office of the president, wouldn’t the next logical move be a communications corporation? You think advertisers wouldn’t flock to that new freedom based platform?

Wouldn’t the existing MSM literally foam at the mouth like rabid dogs trying to cancel something like that, thereby exposing themselves for the rabid feral animals they truly are?

That’s just one idea about the direction things may go while the world still resides in relative safety. 

If matters got worse ( ie people taking to the streets, or the new communist DC government attacking its own people), then likely they would step in declare a NE and settle things back down.

Until then, we could actually say now that we have the blessing of 4 more years, without much to worry about in the way of media attacks, in order to continue waking people up the the simple reality that something is indeed wrong with our world, and that we have all been horribly mistreated and fooled.

Ask yourself, what is power? Who is in power? Just because you hold a public office, does that mean you really have power? Who’s always really held the power over the elected officials? 

Your job now is to keep waking up and to realize that this is a long game, and that the people (and God) winning is the inevitable outcome. It may take another ten years or 15 years or 20 years but I will fight this fight and I am in it for the rest of my life walking this earth. I know that the work we do now, frees our planet for thousands of years and changes the direction of humanity towards the light.

This is part of my spiritual path. This is part of my soul growth. This is my career now.