Quackery and misinformation, they say.

The BC government health officials and media have been claiming incessantly now that medical professionals and scientists who oppose the government narrative are spreading ‘misinformation’. We have the federal government trying to enact internet censorship laws ‘for our own protection’. History has always shown us that the reasons for tyranny were for our own protection.

Protection from whom?

We’re automatically considered a quack, no matter whether we’re Nobel prize winners or not, no matter whether we’re neurosurgeons, no matter whether we’re successful obstetricians, doctors of chiropractic, PhDs in neuroscience, PhDs in biology, PhDs in immunology. I think that that should raise a red flag for people.

~Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD

If you are one of those who believe that doctors are knowingly or ignorantly spreading misinformation then I am afraid you are in for a very rude awakening. The misinformation argument is flawed on its face. Here is why.

Just consider this ridiculous argument were true. If that was the case, then what would thousands upon thousands of scientific and medical professionals possibly have to gain by allegedly lying to the populace to convince them NOT to get an injection that was purportedly healthful and beneficial? For what reason? Why do that? What could they possibly have to gain, all of them, simultaneously in unison raising major alarms, by doing that?

Did you ever in your many years of university study even stop to consider why it is that an adverse event reporting system even needs to exist in the first place? Could it possibly be that drugs and vaccines are known to cause adverse events for the last 2-3 generations?

Your government, your health officers and your trusted news media would therefore have you believe that thousands of professionals are purposely trying to convince the populace NOT to do something that is allegedly for their health benefit, all of a sudden, when an roll-out of a never-before-used medical technology is being attempted on a planetary scale?

I mean hey, what could possibly go wrong with that, eh?

What explanation does the government provide for this new sudden malicious or irresponsible behaviour by thousands of medical professionals and PhD’s? What is their claim? They are just all of a sudden fools, quacks, or worse, malevolent?

They want you to believe that doctors, scientists, virologists, biologist, epidemiologists, who have spent their entire lives and careers trying to help and heal others, are now purposely trying to harm people by trying to convince them to be what is now called ‘anti-vax’ or ‘vaccine hesitant’, and that they would then continue to do it, even though they are getting fired, sued, forced out, losing their jobs, livelihoods, friends and family?

Do they honestly expect us to believe that career professionals are risking everything, in order to purposely spread misinformation that could harm us?

This is the same government that tells you that children aged 12 and above are now capable of deciding their own medical procedures and the state, not the parent, is now in charge of that child’s medical decisions. That your right to protect your child has now been supplanted by the state, that our 12 year old no longer needs you, that they are fine on their own without any guidance, or rather, they are just fine with the guidance of the state. That these few hundred provincial health decision makers know whats best for your child and you no longer do.

After that edict came out from the government health officials, how could they possibly expect us to EVER trust them again?

They quarantine healthy people, they deny off-label treatment that doctors have proven to be viable, they claim against medical science that children of 12 years of age have the mental capacity to make their own possibly life altering medical decisions. The censor and attack their competition and they cower from open debate and transparency.

They have lost all credibility. That ship has sailed.

I hereby call for the resignations of all provincial and federal health officers, and all provincial and federal health ministers.

I hereby call for the unconditional ending of all federal and provincial COVID restrictions across Canada.

I call for all government and tax payer subsidies paid to any news media outlets be immediately suspended pending investigation into complicity with use of propaganda targeted towards Canadians.

I hereby call for the resignation of the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

I hereby call for a people’s tribunal to now be convened, and peaceful, open and transparent lawful public hearings be held to bring the truth of the COVID-19 pandemic measures into the light for all to truthfully see.