Discomfort and Courage, pt. 1

You may have heard it said that growth and expansion must come with discomfort. Expansion, described as starting from a known point, and then using our experience and knowledge to work out how to acquire a new skill or facet of knowledge, this makes sense to me. Reaching out into new unknown territory is awkward and maybe a little fearful. If we look back on our lives and we discover that we have been nurtured and encouraged to have faith in ourselves and our own ability, in spite of possible failure or hardship, then taking those steps forward can be a bit easier.

The starting point is actually infinity.

I have done a lot of study into this matter! An interesting thing, is our consciousness. I say our consciousness, and you may have heard it said already that we are all one. Which is great. We are one. You, the reader, and me, the writer, we are one. So how is that actually possible, and more importantly, why is that even relevant, and how does that relate to the too often low balance in my chequing account?