Letting go of the Old World

At some point, ALL people will really be forced to not just take responsibility for their own beliefs, thoughts and actions, but to actually allow others to experience the consequences of their beliefs, thoughts, and actions. It may not be a pretty experience for the world, but it’s part of everyone’s awakening process.

This past week we saw DJT (Trump) comment on the vaccine ‘pause’ and parties were speculating about the various political strategies that may have been employed. 

I want to elaborate on mine. I opined that watching the decrepit medical industrial complex battle with itself publicly, triggered by DJT has the potentially positive effect of exposing all of them for the corruption that they are.

Regardless of what DJT’s intentions or strategy was in pushing the project warp speed, that never once changed the reality that individuals have their own God given free will and therefore must accept the consequences of their actions, even if they are inured from being under deep state propaganda their entire lives as part of the massive consciousness control system that is now in the death throws of its final stage of collapse.

This means that blindly believing all people in governing or elite roles that purport to have concern for your well being and harbouring blind trust when realistic and credible warnings and alarms are being raised all over the world is a choice one has to make within oneself.

This means that no matter what DJT said, he is still not to blame simply for speaking words; even if he knowingly speaks to millions regularly and must choose his words as carefully as possible, knowing that there is a part of the audience that may not be operating (for any multitude of possible reasons) on the basis of self-informed decision making.

One could speculate that big pharma (govt, media, tech), knowing their products are harmful, are hastily pushing the need for the entire population to be vaxxed with multiple doses in order to capture as much tax money as possible as quickly as possible before the multitudes start having serious illness due to their products. If the unfortunate reality happens where multitudes are injured as many highly respected scientists and doctors are warning, this could finally have the effect of finally revealing to the sleeping masses that there are deeply entrenched aspects of society that are truly and systemically evil and must be dismantled if we are to all go forward together in peace, survive, and thrive as an enlightened human race.

Big pharma, banks, media, tech, agra, government (justice), Vatican, intelligence agencies, all of it. It all has to effectively deconstructed and inevitably replaced by true enlightened replacements (or not replaced at all). They will all, guaranteed. 

Stay strong!

There are good people around you that you may not yet be able to see, who are doing this work behind the scenes. 

And now I am one of them.

At some point, I got tired of watching the criminality and I just got on with ignoring it and putting my energy into finding my way to meet those that have already started building all the new systems that the rest of society will eventually simply shift over to and adopt. For me it starts with going public, launching a platform, and seeking out like minded heroes near me leading the charge to defend our freedoms from those who would convince us that we are not inherently divinely free, and are leading the way into the new world.

And right now, staying behind the scenes a little bit is maybe a wise idea since the old power rulers are quite distracted by their last ditch failing attempt to once and for all dominate the entire planet. It gives the rest of us some breathing room while they are busy destroying themselves. I may be silent, but my resolve is now permanent. I am not going back to supporting dark energies and dark control systems, and supporting my own slavery.

The latest boycott of idiotic woke corporations battling common sense election practices that protects from foul play and fraud is a good example of what I mean by leaving the old system behind. People are now simply discarding that which no longer serves their purpose! Let these useless aspects of the old world crumble, let them finally die off. It’s part of nature. We quietly create new currencies, new food systems, new health systems, new social support systems, all of it.

We LEAVE the old dark corrupt failing systems behind and simply watch them (or don’t even bother watching them) collapse and die under their own venal decrepitude. 

Part of waking up is realizing that YOU are in the driver’s seat and YOU have the power to make even the tiniest change in your own life to shift your direction a tiny bit away from the old dark systems and toward the new enlightened systems and then watch that process amplify as you continue making these subtle changes that embody truth and freedom with your fellow humans.

DJT has the honor of presiding over a system that is now on its way out, and I consider his contribution as the act of overseeing a controlled demolition so that as few people as possible get hurt in the collapse, and hopefully rebuilding a new better world. We is an expect in rebuilding after bankruptcy so we shall see if he has the means to do what he is most skilled at doing, on an almost planetary scale.

However not once does that remove a single person’s own responsibility for their own participation in the old system. No matter what actions DJT recommends to do or not do, part of the awakening process must be for the people to remember to trust their own reason, divine inner guidance and free will first before blindly following any apparent ‘leader’. To follow the Christed internal source of absolute knowing and truth within their own heart first and foremost will ultimately be the only way our species moves forward. It is inevitable.

When humanity as a collective truly begins to do this, any structures not in alignment with the highest spiritual good of our love within, reflected outward into the world will just naturally and quietly fall away and be discarded. We will collectively see that systems like money, most governance, etc was simply just an infantile and silly way to run an enlightened society, and we will just understand that they are no longer needed, that we have out grown the need for childish self restraints. In truth, we really never needed them. We can and will absolutely be the type of society that lives in peace and brotherhood, because it’s just how we present ourselves now.

This renaissance may be a little ways away, in truth, but it starts in our lifetime. At least now, people are waking up enough to begin to see the direction we are headed. Away from endless tyranny, and the infantile society of people clawing for survival in a pit of slavery crafted by only a few very lost souls.

We simply don’t need to participate in their sham slavery world any more.


Move past it all. Find those around you that are building the new world and shift your energy and intent there

Simply leave the mental prison and let it collapse behind you. Once you truly understand this message, actually get it and embody it, only then will the people whom you want to save, see you and then want to follow you. They have their free will and the only way to truly help is to choose this path for yourself and let them see you doing it. They best way to get them to walk out of their own prison is to see that the door is and was always open, and to then see that you just turned around to wave bye and then walked right through it. The most you can do is to encourage them to see that they too have the choice to leave. Yet you cannot do this until you see, and then make, that choice yourself.

The vaccine is of course just garbage. The covid is a real biological weapon meant to be a serious flu epidemic yes, but the vaxxine was meant to just be the phase 2 of this same biological weapon.

In other words, garbage. Created by garbage people with garbage intentions.

It’s just the latest (or last) part of the old garbage system that the old garbage shills are stuck pushing, in a pathetic attempt to cling to some fake semblance of power inside a dying garbage system that has already began its final phase of collapse. None of this was ever about our health.

Take your beautiful inner light, your love and your health and leave it, once and for all, and beg as many as you can to follow you.

We must respect each person’s divine free will choice to see you and then choose to follow or not. This also means respecting their right to not even see you, ever, as you are forced to leave them behind in an old world, collapsing in on itself, one that they may not even consciously know they inhabit. Subconsciously however, they absolute do know, and on that level, they will indeed see you. 

We can help others as much as we can, but we cannot allow ourselves to become attached or invested in the outcome. That we never could control. We truly don’t have the power to control others or even to ‘save others from themselves’ . We must simply choose within ourselves, let others see, and hopefully choose to make their choice of higher alignment within themselves. When enough of us do so choose, the tipping point is reached, and the message spreads infinitely across the collective as one thought and immediately becomes available to all. 

That is not a form of dominance or control either, one simply realizes that great masses of people are doing something new and evidently better, and so the awakening to the option of also taking that choice then becomes available to all, when before they may not have been able to see that the option was even available to them in the first place, and yet now they have a choice when before they did not.

All this because you made a choice yourself. To not comply, simply by choosing to no longer even participate in the old ways.

So now; choose.

Choose to continue participating in the 24/7 hypocracy shitstorm of delusional cognitive dissonance, or wash your hands of it and start building the new system that sane people will wake up and adopt as they, like you, leave the old ways of darkness as it all simply collapses in upon itself as it was always inevitably going to do anyway. 

The beauty is that we get to see this millennia of darkness finally end for all of the human race in this lifetime, once and for all. Believe me, it is collapsing for good, and it is never coming back. We will be free and we will restore our planet to the Eden we all want and truly align with in our hearts. 

Welcome to the dawn of the new age of humanity, friend. See you out there.

One love, humans! ✨🙏❤️