Immunity, health and biological weapon research

I am a living soul. I consciously choose the state and the quality of my life, and I consciously choose my own bodily health. No other soul incarnated on this planet has the ability to improve my health. This responsibility is mine and my alone, and it is inherent in the axiomatic nature that my physical body, consciousness, energy body and soul are closely and holistically integrated.

These past months, the realization that the source of the COVID-19 SARS-COV2 virus is increasingly likely to be the result of a gain-of-function (ie weaponization) experiment financed by North American taxpayers. This has been a topic of independent media and investigative journalism for the past year, and has recently surfaced in the legacy media establishment.

While thousands of critical thinking, courageous, compassionate and highly accredited lawyers, investigators, scientists, doctors and nurses from across the entire planet work against the greatest censorship program ever seen in the history of mankind, carried out by a unified platform of government, medical, pharmaceutical, big tech and media industries, we the regular people are left with the simple choices that actually have never changed since the beginning of time.

The choice is about how we decide to live our lives. This means asking ourself what matters, what is important in our lives.

Looking back on one’s entire life, how many of us as we approach what may seem like an imminent departure from this world, wish we spent more time eating bad food, consuming entertainment, spending more time indoors, and spending more time at unrewarding jobs?

In the coming weeks and months more and more truths will be coming to light, brought by those who have been willing to risk their livelihoods their friends and family relationships and in some cases their lives, in order to expose the truly massive level of corruption and criminality that has been embedded for generations all throughout our society and is with each passing day more prevalent in the unfolding of the story of the global pandemic, and of the geopolitical and economic outcomes of these past 18 months.

The justification for ‘gain-of-function’ research is typically as follows: create a demonic bio-weapon, in order to be able to be prepared and defend one’s nation in the event that an adversary creates a demonic bio-weapon.

The logic of nuclear weapons is the same of course. The only problem however, is that bioweapons are illegal under the Geneva Convention because they can cause an outbreak and decimate an entire species. The problem of course, is that the people working in this area either believe that they are justified, or they don’t care. Either is an example of the lowest form of ethics and respect for human life, and these people need to be removed from positions of power.

So to reiterate the real ethical problem, it is not when they loose control over the nuclear bomb or demonic bio-weapon, the problem unfortunately is the creation of the weapon in the first place. There is no hiding from the fact that the creation of the biological weapon is the crime in the first place.

A quick internet search reveals many articles relating to the Geneva Convention and the criminality of creating biological weapons. This from

The Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) is a legally binding treaty that outlaws biological arms. After being discussed and negotiated in the United Nations’ disarmament forum starting in 1969, the BWC opened for signature on April 10, 1972, and entered into force on March 26, 1975. It currently has 183 states-parties, including Palestine, and four signatories (Egypt, Haiti, Somalia, Syria, and Tanzania). Ten states have neither signed nor ratified the BWC (Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Israel, Kiribati, Micronesia, Namibia, South Sudan and Tuvalu).

Terms of the Treaty

The BWC bans:

  • The development, stockpiling, acquisition, retention, and production of:
    1. Biological agents and toxins “of types and in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes;”
    2. Weapons, equipment, and delivery vehicles “designed to use such agents or toxins for hostile purposes or in armed conflict.”
  • The transfer of or assistance with acquiring the agents, toxins, weapons, equipment, and delivery vehicles described above.

In the past year I have become an amateur expert on immunity and viruses. Holistic health has always been a major aspect and component in my life, and I am happy to say that in the past 1-2 decades, the medical industry is slowly starting to catch up as more and more doctors and nurses wake up to the reality that there is a spiritual component to nature of our physical bodies, how our bodies actually work and how we were designed to work. Once one understands the true nature of viruses, one can understand that they are not inherently ‘contagious’. That statement definitely comes as a shock to many, and I apologize if you are triggered, hopefully you will be able to recover at some point.

The intelligent infinity with which we were created imparted an advanced built-in immunity, that works in symbiosis with our planet and our environment, and as such, we really have nothing to fear from any aspect of our natural environment. Other species have natural defences that rely on toxins but this is not really impactful on us as a species. If however we distort our natural world with the creation of poisons, heavy toxins and radiation and expose ourselves to these our bodies have more and more difficulty protecting us. The origin of the word ‘virus’ comes from the latin meaning ‘poisonous liquid’. This material is the waste material that our bodies eliminate in response to its work in healing from the presence of toxicity.

In order to seemingly ‘catch a virus’, we must either a) ingest it, commonly by eating the waste material present in the tissues of animals that were producing their own bio-waste (i.e. ‘wet-market’); b) actually expose ourselves to added environmental toxicity (ie acidity / radiation) so that we produce it ourselves; or c) by scientifically manipulating the bio-waste of some species (i.e. bat, swine, human) so that these materials can attach to receptors in our respiratory system when delivered airborne. This was the nature of gain-of-function research, turning non-contagious bio-waste into contagious airborne material.

This past year has truly been an awakening for me as I dig deeper and deeper into what we truly are, what we are made of, and how we exist on this planet physically. the conclusion is of course, that our physicality is not at all what we have traditionally thought of it as being.

The reason I know this, is based on the fact that you are spending your time reading this article. You were guided here by some aspect of yourself, working in concert with your environment and other conscious aspects or your environment (us). You are more innately more conscious than you are ‘physical’. On some level we completely know and understand the truth of that statement.

With that understanding, the next thing to understand is, we can tune ourselves.

By infinitely intelligent design, we are essentially perfect. Being created in the divine image, we can consciously control our individual nature and our experiences and our participation in this reality. The work we do to get healthier physically, does naturally being to encompass our mental and emotional health at the same time. Also, if we start to work on our mental health, our physical and emotional health naturally begins to align.

Anyone who describes taking on an alkaline based diet and loses tens or hundreds of pounds, will also often describe how their understanding of self-love and emotional health has also increased, along with their self-confidence and self-compassion.

Anyone who tackles and works to heal and release embedded mental and emotional trauma that is decades long or in some cases even from ancestors or their own past lifetimes, will often describe the releasing and healing from that trauma as a physical experience, where their bodies literally become lighter, and their toxicity decreases and they start to be able to move towards a naturally more healthy lifestyle, where their addictions fall away more effortlessly and they becoming more loving people.

We as humans are first and foremost conscious. While I don’t fully understand how yet, I truly believe that our consciousness projects into this form, this vessel, that was gifted to us by our mother and father, and our bodies live in symbiosis with our participation in the shared field of consciousness that we all inhabit.

Our bodies live in a harmony of perfection. The energetic fields that make up the protons and electrons that make of the atoms that make up the physical elements that make up our DNA and our cells are controlled by our consciousness. We choose how we tailor the environment both outside of us and within us (as within so without), whether that is more or less toxic. The less toxic our environment is, the closer we are to the infinitely intelligent perfection that is our existence here.

If we work to remove toxins, whether they be chemical (environmental poisons and radiation, acidic or lifeless foods) or mental / emotional (i.e. past traumas, embedded emotional memories) we eventually return to our natural state of health and align closer with our own innate divine nature.

Unfortunately as we look around our society, we see self-harming structures everywhere. There is no need to list them all here, one can simply pick 3 things wrong with our world and the list will expand from there. The only way our global problems exist is because we as a species have become less healthy, whether that is mental in our understanding, emotional in the effects of that lack of understanding or ignorance, or physical in how we have allowed our world to become harmful toward ourselves.

When we find the origins of this latest biological, mental and emotional pandemic that has been running rampant through our world, we will also discover that the rest of the toxicity of our world was simply a predecessor to this latest calamity, and so that was all really nothing knew.

The reason we allow others to harm us is because we lack the simple awareness that because we have experienced a loss of the knowledge of our own divinity, we experience a lack of self-love and as a result we are choosing to harm ourselves, and that simply takes the form of passively allowing others to harm us, and believing we deserve it. Of course this nonsense. For example there was no part of blocking one’s own physical respiratory system with cloth or synthetic material that was ever beneficial to anyone or anything. This loss of our own self-love manifested as that desperate need for affirmation from some external source, exemplified in the willingness to eagerly follow orders even those that could cause self harm and are based in patent falsehoods.

Thankfully this is all passing now, first by becoming consciously apparent, by being understood, by being compassionate with the fact that we have as a species been injured for centuries and now need to heal ourselves, heal each other, and heal our environment. My own understanding of my own health is one such building block in this revolution. The truest axiom that one must be the change that one wants to see in the world, has never been more true than in this time of our collective history. Follow this by compassionate action. I can draw a line, and politely refuse to voluntarily harm myself or subject myself to harm in the midst of those that attempt to convince others to do so, in clear violation of their oaths to do no harm.

So we must return to the knowledge of how to purify our bodies, our mental and emotional consciousness. Find out what pH balance your body is, and remove the acidity from your external and internal environment, and return it back to its natural 7.35 level of alkalinity. Do the ‘shadow work’ and investigate what trauma (no matter how small) you carry embedded in your mental, emotional and even physical body and be compassionate with yourself give yourself the permission to gently reveal that which you hide from yourself and discover the fears that influence your choices, your decisions, your limiting beliefs that you are not worthy or are in someway unlovable or guilty of something, these things that are false conclusions that you are harbouring that affect your ability to experience joy and happiness.

Research and find the very harmonics and meditate with the correct frequencies (432Hz) that your consciousness and energy systems literally run on, and re-tune your entire holistic structure back to those divine frequencies that the Masters like Jesus, Moses and others taught, and permit the release of any mental / emotional / physical toxicity within your holistic body now.

The truth of what we truly are is surfacing and it is a hallmark of what our world is becoming. It is time for us to focus intently on our own healing journeys now, and the world will follow. The tide has turned.