How many, before it becomes wrong? (part 2 of 2)


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I have to take a moment now, to differentiate between the process of drug / treatment approval and this vaccine-that-is-not-a-vaccine. Since they haven’t as yet changed the definition of vaccine in order to accommodate mRNA injections, it is technically not correct to call this injection a vaccine, however that is a topic for later.

The approval process for a prescribed drug treatment as I understand it is one whereby the pharmaceutical company creates the drug, first successfully passes it through animal trials, then successfully passes it through human trials, then is met with further regulatory approvals before achieving government approval. That process takes years.

Let us take a look at the human trials portion of that approval process. Let’s also refer back to the Health Canada statistic from part 1, where serious reported adverse reactions constitute 0.006% of administered does thus far. This number .006 means that 6 out of every 1000 test cases suffered serious reactions. This effectively means 1 out of every 166 people have a serious adverse reaction (death among these). That is presuming that the adverse event is even reported by a doctor and not mis-diagnosed as COVID.

Let’s now look at the non-serious count of 0.018%. That equates to 18 out of 1000 doses that are related to a non-serious adverse reaction. This boils down to 9 out of every 500, and 3 out of that same group of 166 people.

Serious: 6 out of 1000 | 1 out of every 166 doses
Non-Serious: 18 out of 1000 | 3 out of every 166 doses

Combined total:
24 out of every 1000 doses is either serious or non serious.
This equates to 12 out of every 500 doses; and
4 people out of every 166 doses experiences some form of adverse reaction.

Now I will remind you of the justification mantra from the health authorities: “the benefits outweigh the risks”.

In terms of serious to non-serious; 1 out of every 4 reported adverse reactions is serious. Of the reactions reported, 25% is serious, and 75% are non-serious.

Out of 166 people, 3 have adverse reactions and one of them is a serious reaction.

Now, the difference between a prescribed drug and a vaccine.

If I experience symptoms of illness or disease and I seek medical help from a doctor, that doctor may prescribe for me a government approved pharmaceutical drug. First I have to be un-healthy, physically experiencing symptoms, before I even realize my body is in a state of disease, and go to the doctor seeking assistance. This is the traditional method of treatment, for my entire life, until 2020.

The COVID-19 vaccine program however, is not following that process. Doctors in the field who received COVID patients in the beginning, were troubleshooting this illness, and treating it effectively.

The Canadian vaccine program has the intent of vaccinating every adult citizen and child (12 years and older) citizen of Canada regardless of whether or not that citizen has either:

a) has already produced it’s own unique custom suited antibodies for the infection from a previous exposure, or
b) is in the category of very likely being able to produce said custom unique and perfectly designed antibodies suited to the subject’s own genetic profile.

The above factors of natural immunity are not being considered as an approved form of immunity by the extremely tiny subset of our population that make up the employees and elected officials of the Canadian federal government, provincial governments and health authorities.

A test for COVID-19 natural immune response and natural antibodies is not being debated as proof of immunity.

Early treatments were being actively combated by establishment medicine.

This of course leads us into the true nature of this entire problem.

Proof of immunity.

Proof of health.

The stance of implied mis-trust. Guilty until proven innocent.

Sick until proven healthy.

As Mr. Anthony Fauci is so fond of saying, “Under an abundance of caution, we must …”

The abundance of caution. The other way of saying ‘abundance of caution’ is:


Fear of the unknown. We are giving the pharmaceutical companies billions if not trillions for the coming months and years on a global scale. Pfizer itself was penalized with a 2.3BN fine in recent years for illegal practices that should have had their leadership imprisoned. Now the entire planet is paying the debt for them and their stock is soaring.

We already give the insurance companies billions out of fear of the unknown. Was pharma was getting jealous.

Now this time, it’s not us voluntarily buying home/car/life insurance in the unlikely event that something bad happens. This is our world governments borrowing billions into existence, to then give to pharmaceutical cartels that the next 5 generations of our family’s taxes will pay for. The contract between Pfizer and certain countries are starting to surface on independent media through freedom of information requests and these are written very poorly for the people and very advantageous for the pharma cartels. Clauses such as; countries agree they are not allowed to stop buying the product, even if they stop the rollout of the vaccine program; that the pharmaceutical companies are not liable for any damages, etc. These contracts are nigh unbreakable except without grassroots action from the people of that I am certain.

You can argue motive and intent all you want, but it does not change the fact that the pharmaceutical cartels are going to be in the high billions if not literally trillions before this is over.

We haven’t got to the part where we are not allowed to know what is in the injection, and we are not allowed to know what all the known side effects are. The doctors and nurses administering the injection are not allowed to know this. This however does NOT relieve them of their burden of providing informed consent. Ignorance was not an acceptable claim at Nuremberg. This begs the question how can they even give informed consent? The argument was raised that we cannot possibly know what the side effects are, but as the government keeps saying, “the benefits still outweigh the risks.”

We cannot possibly know what the side effects are until years from now.

That statement is one that you make about a drug that has not been properly tested. That is not a statement that you make about a drug that has passed human testing and has been on the market for decades and has been put through billions of doses in the field.

So let’s look again at the live human testing period we are in now.

Based on the above Health Canada figures:

  • if they tested on 58 people, they would have seen 1 adverse reaction.
  • if they tested on 166 people they would have seen 2-3 adverse reactions and 1 serious reaction
  • if they tested on 1000 people they would have seen 6 serious and 17 non-serious reactions.

Depending on what those 6 serious reactions were, an ethical study may have even stopped testing altogether.

They may also have categorized those 6, and then recommended companion treatments to go along with subjects that were in the same category of risk as those 6.

We have 2,672 serious adverse reactions to this injection at the time in August when the data was downloaded.

I would like to know, how many of those 2,672 are now dead?

It was argued to me that 80% of all the vaccinated peoples of Canada with their first shot and 65% of those with their second shot cannot possibly all be misled.

What then is the reasoning for the remainder of Canadians who are either hesitant or outright refuse to take the shot? I have heard many on the ‘anti-vax’ side that have said categorically they will never in their life take the shot.

In the last 6 months the decisions by the tiny fraction of our population holding elected and appointed offices in parliament and the various health authorities have been dangerously close to if not already been in violation of Nuremberg Code of 1947.

“Stop being selfish.”

“How can you be so selfish?”

“How can you be so arrogant?”

“Protect the weak.”

“Do your part.”

“It’s for the good of all of society.”

It was argued that “real” doctors who “follow the science” are complaining about those ‘other’ doctors being censored and vilified not because of an opposing fact based scientific or medical perspective that needs to be debated, but rather because “it makes people want to automatically trust (the other doctors, the quacks)”, when (the quacks) are legitimately wrong and needing to proven wrong and so that makes it worse”.

Again, the perspective of the establishment doctor was, they are against censoring other doctors, because it makes people like me want to blindly trust them.

“You are so smart” I heard them say to me with embarrassment and regret in their voice. “Everyone else keeps asking about you. Is he still against the vaccine? Everybody is worried about you.”

They continued, “I know you can never be convinced. I know that you won’t look at just a little bit of the science that opposes your viewpoint, because you found the ones that supports your viewpoint and that makes you right, and so you don’t want to budge.” It was argued to me “If so many thousands or doctors, nurses and scientists are speaking out where are they? Why haven’t we heard of them? And don’t say it is because they are being censored and blocked and banned.”

I sat in silence watching the delivery of the words. This was several weeks ago now. An irresistible force meets an immovable object. Each side completely against the other and un-willing to compromise.

I later realized, just before sitting down to write this essay the next day, that the reason that they have never heard of these censored and discredited doctors and scientists is because like me, a lot of those censored professionals have come to realize that the time for convincing the medical-media-government establishment to change has long passed.

The old systems are not recoverable.

This is a really, really hard concept to have to integrate finally. It is one of the hardest because we are literally bathed in all of the old dysfunctional systems of our society. This is the biggest one though.

“The war for the future of humanity will be fought in health care”. Never has that quote been more true than now.

Good people may still reside in the old system, this is true. This isn’t enough of a reason to keep the old system however. Now it is time to create a new system that works properly for everyone, and then let all those good people leave and come over to the new system.

However like blockchain and crypto-currencies, the new systems are all being built in a way that is trust-less. A system whereby the rules are setup to recognize that a method of subverting the system cannot be implemented. Systems whereby we recognize our own imperfections and create smart systems that recognize how it is possible for us to be imperfect. This implies a higher acceptance and self-knowing.

The smartest scientists and medical professionals have now moved on. They have decided to simply turn to each other for support, and thankfully and by the good grace of heaven, they began forming their own health authorities, and the exodus of medical professionals and their future patients is now underway. If you look you can find these new authorities forming.

What remains, is the old legacy system of health and governments, and their efforts to segregate and vilify the un-vaccinated, use the military to forcefully lock people in their homes (Australia), deactivate the SIM cards and thus the communications and internet access for the un-vaccinated (Pakistan), mandate health passports to proof the receipt of the mRNA injection in order to attend community events, dining, entertainment (France, British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario), and in the corporate USA, bar employees from working physically in offices (Google, Facebook, Netflix), and in some cases bar customers from entry into dining (Shake-Shack). All of this essentially is coercion, and in complete violation of the Nuremberg Code. What remains is for the banks to having the vaccine as a requirement for participation in the financial system (ie in order to have a job, spend money, and at some point, possibly even hold a bank account) and then to finally vaccinate the children. Companies are now also taking it upon themselves to mandate their employees consent to a drug injection in order to keep their job.

For decades I have been quite alone amongst my family and social circle with the knowledge of the corruption of our world, the monetary system of currencies, world governments, central banks, the pharmaceutical cartels, military industrial complex, all of it. I was ‘red-pilled’ long ago.

However in all that time, I had never felt more alone than I was that Friday night in August.

Here’s one thing all you christians will appreciate; at least as alone as I was, sitting in the kitchen in the dark, I thought to myself, “I think for the first time in my life I have reached the point where I am truly alone”. I was trying to count the number of people in my life whom I had a relationship with other than online or through work. In my personal life, in the real world, there was nobody I could turn to who would understand what I was going through. I couldn’t actually believe that there could really be no one?

At that point I thought to myself, well I guess it is just me and Jesus / God.


Reboot. I am enough of an empath that I can know what the energy signature of The Master is if called. I know the energies of any of the angels or advanced beings if I stop long enough to ask for help.

It took feeling that I was almost completely and entirely alone to finally be open and aware to the fact that I was not now now had I ever been truly alone. It had to actually get to that point, where the loneliness was so real, so completely encompassing before I would let myself see that truth. I had been looking to try to repair my broken connection to my own divinity my entire life, and now at one of the most darkest hours do I finally acquire a sense of my internal God-spark of divinity and connection to the ONE. In that moment not only did I see myself and my own connection, but I was able to see everyone else, even if they weren’t able to see it. In that moment, finally, the potential for joy.

There are for sure worse stories throughout history of those who found strength in their darkest hour, much worse than me sitting alone in my kitchen. The part for me was that this was a journey down into darkness that lasted 40+ years, among which the last 5 years were mentally torturous. Add to all of that the last 18 months where all of humanity is now meeting a reckoning in amongst themselves.

I had been trying to heal and repair that broken connection my whole life. That persistent loneliness and lack of actual joy had plagued me for nearly 50 years. Not being able to experience joy is not an emotional state that I would wish upon anyone. Still I recognize that I have been subjecting myself to decades of programming and negative manifestation related to this, where I created myself as being an outcast, a life of incomplete achievements and then the last 10 years of ill mental health, and a hellish depression and dark night of the soul trying to break free of my own prison. Then the pandemic and 18 months of more hell, ending with being vilified by all of society as an ‘anti-vaxxer’.

That was a horribly long and dark road. Yet that was when I realized that I had finally achieved the one thing that my soul had come here to, which was to orchestrate all my life events to ensure that I was well and truly alone in this life, so I could prove to myself that I wasn’t.

I made it to the end of the road, found a door there and I stepped though it. The Master was there on the other side, waiting to guide me, and remind me of what I truly am, what I always was, since I arrived here, even if I couldn’t see it, even if I have been trying to find it my whole life.

That it was okay to be alone. Being alone never changes what I AM.

Finally I achieved a goal that I had set out to do, completely.

There I was. Here I am.

Still standing, not dead yet. 

Alone in the dark, at least the idea that I am not truly alone, can at least now be considered. 

I fear this will get worse, that we will tiptoe more and more into the darkness, but at the same time, so many are awakening, so many are finally standing. That willingness to stand, comes from deep inside, a conviction.

“Know Thyself”

Now if I find myself alone in the dark I will seek out others to save and guide out into the light. In complete and total darkness, even the tiniest fractal of light is infinitely bright. I can help to guide others and know that the sheperd guides me as well.

We will walk out of this final darkness, and the light we come out into will be inifite.

One Love.