A prayer for the Patriots.

I’ll start by admitting that I am not American. I’m not really a Canadian either, though I live in Canada. I’m a soul on planet earth. I used to really identify as a Canadian when I was younger, but the closer I get to the divine, the more I see nations as a joyful affinity of things in common with those souls around me, and less of an identity per se.

I was born in 1971. I never saw the revolutions of the 60’s. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s as technology went from vacuum tube TV’s right up to the technology freak show we have today. My life to date has been this weird combination of technology and spirituality. I started in web development and IT infrastructure 20 years ago, in 2000 when the internet basically exploded in activity in the span of months, not years. Try spending 20 years doing something. See what you learn looking back on it.

During the 70’s and 80’s nothing was ever ‘really’ wrong in my peaceful world. My world growing up in suburban Vancouver was new gadgets and pop culture and entertainment, and gradually over time, we were lulled into deep deep sleep. I had always been on an awakening path though. The good guys and bad guys in the US have flip-flopped completely over the past 30 years, as I eventually realized in my youth that we’ve all been under pretty specific control on our planet for at least many hundreds of years now. This whole time, many like me have been watching, learning. Waiting for this day, the time that is here, now; 2020.

We’ve had 2000 years of recorded history. Why does all this planetary BS still exist? Why have we not learned to simply adopt complete global peace and harmony? I have to believe we all inherently want it. so why hasn’t it occurred? So many of us have been in this slummmmmmmber.

Fun fact: it’s all ending now, 2000 years of corruption and horribly misguided draconian horror movie style evil that we mostly never actually knew even existed. Most people still cannot see the reality of the previous sentence. Enough information is out there now for any person to embark upon a mission of awakening if their soul is guiding them to do so, and now so many of us are on the awakening path that the tipping point has been reached and a tidal wave of truth is coming and it cannot be stopped.

That is right, nothing can stop what is coming.

We are all loving, compassionate, spiritual beings. Most of all of us are that way already in our waking state. Those who stray, lost in darkness, who were maybe subjected to intense trauma and suffering, that deriving solace through the search for power, greed, etc harbor a lack of self-love and awareness of their own innate divinity and as such the divinity of every being in this reality. Those among us, these lost ones, are maybe starting to also see the effects of the great awakening of the divine within our collective humanity, and sadly these ones are madly flailing about while trying to hold onto their power as it slips through their fingers, as the whole planet now is starting to rise up to now gracefully remove them, and return our world to the garden of eden that we simply realize we all just want now.

It can seem like we are in the ultimate fight of good versus evil right now, but when you think about it, the fact is, that good has already one. The proof is the simple fact you are reading this article right now, it found its way to you, because you are aligned with the energy and the intent of this article. You cannot ever see that which you are not already in alignment with.

I was a silent observer before, but now I am activated. I am now contributing to the work that some truly amazing heroes are doing to clear away the darkness from our society, forever.

I believe we did arrive at the prophesized second coming. I see around me in the great awakening, the effects of that which is the Christ consciousness, this infinite love, within each and every one of us that Jesus the Master embodied as an example for us 2000 years ago, now sparked to life within each and every one of us.

It truly could not have happened any other way.

I believe these times now embody the reality that the divinity once embodied only by Jesus the Christ has now become vested and embodied in each and every soul incarnate here, whether they have come to realize it yet or not.

As a result, these shadows of darkness and systems of control that have been lingering over our consciousness for the past two millennia can no longer survive because so much light of God’s pure divinity is now anchored in our world. Because of this awakening state, these systems are realized as completely dysfunctional, ridiculous and in fact immature and laughable, in the face of what we, our collective, is now evolving into. As the years go by, we will chuckle and simply cast them aside, aware that they were infantile methods of operating an enlightened society. I think in your heart you know this. In the meantime though we do have some work to do.

Then there are those among us who aren’t ready to come here and read articles like this. These are the ones that may not be on the full intensive awakening path, not been red-pilled as it were, yet have in their way have been attempting to adopt the truth of our collective evolved future, in their own way. I will try to avoid using left and right as much as I can from now on, rather think of all of us as divine souls at some stage of their journey of awakening. The popular causes among ‘woke’ society as it were, are totally worthwhile if grounded in divinity, compassion and love that is part of an evolved society. Concepts like the acceptance of all life as divine, axioms of fairness, equality, anti-slavery etc. It is only that the madness of those in power sought to co-opt these obvious axioms and pervert them into some need to empower ‘forced equality’, etc, which when approached from a negative , fear based perspective will manifest of the dangers of fear buzzwords like ‘fascism’, ‘communism’, ‘totalitarianism’ etc. There are many in society trying to realize the truth of their inner evolving divinity, but are unfortunately still well caught up in fear and darkness and control. I believe they will eventually see the truth of where we are all headed, but it might be harder for some in the near future we will all need that unity and compassion, and we must all truly embody that compassion when the time comes, and forgiveness. Bear in mind that forgiveness does not imply non-accountability and non-atonement for ones actions.

It is because of the real world awakening of the Christ consciousness within us that the bravest campaign in our recorded history could even be attempted in 2016, to move to clear out these last remnants of the horrible darkness and shadow, finally and forever. That darkness can truthfully no longer survive in the future of light that we now simply guarantee to ourselves. So this article is indeed a *planetary* supportive response, to the heroes on the primary battlefield, and that you beautiful people, is you all in the USA.

You “Patriots” descend from the original revolutionaries that left Europe to make a new world in America. They gave everything to create new and enlightened rules for divine self-governance and a constitution that reflects the truth of our own innate sovereignty and divinity. Your very ancestors were enlightened enough at that time, to plant the seeds of this truth that all people are CREATED equal (created and not ‘decided’ to be equal), that this knowledge of our natural equality in creation was self-evident and that the God given freedom of our very existence as a creation of God and therefore a being of God is therefore the only true sovereign, and that this sovereignty is divinely innate within each and every one of us, and we must therefore respect that sovereign in our neighbor as within ourselves.

Your forefathers (and mothers!) realized and claimed this truth 10 generations ago, and it was not just for one land mass on the middle of North America, they truly meant for it to be the light of the world. America was (and is still!) meant to be the shining city on the hill. Your constitution was divinely created, and today as the planetary consciousness rises higher and higher as the light of the Christ within now anchors only stronger and stronger, all of humanity is now aligning with this truth, and supporting you, America, as you, the children of the original revolutionaries, stand again, to again claim that divine sovereignty declare that the darkness must now come to it’s final end on this planet, forever.

As the Christed divinity rises within our population, so do articles like this one, and truth based systems like the website that brought you here. In fact you cannot even find meaningful information on the old legacy mainstream media and social media / web systems that were created out of the desire for power, greed, and control, and just darkness in general. This is how I know. The tipping point has past now. The new reality is here, and the gatekeepers of the dark-tech have suppressed all truth from showing up in their own environment and so those that follow the truth now have abandoned it as being simply worthless.

The only thing we can do in those old social media platforms now is to ‘hack-back-in’ to the old matrix as it were, and just try to pull out as many as we can. Maybe you took a chance and followed a link here you would not have normally followed, yet something just prompted you to do it anyway. Maybe you read an article similar to this a long while ago, were completely pissed off about it, and for some reason are now reading this one and seeing it differently. You cannot be pulled out of the matrix though, you have to save yourself. You have to be ready to receive the information you are getting, otherwise you simply cannot see it.

So rise, digital soldiers.

The real world battle is just as much in here as it is out there in the real world, in the courts of law, in person, and in the very beating hearts of all the people marching on the streets reclaiming their God created and given divine sovereignty.

Just know that we have already won. Christ has risen, and he returned not in person but in the hearts of the entire planet. Besides, He did the whole embodiment of divinity in person thing already, and everybody knows you never run the same gag twice. It is up to us to now become that which He was showing us before, with Him now working from the inside. It might be a little bumpy as we work on clearing out and healing ourselves of the remaining darkness, but we won already, and now we are just cleaning up the mess.

Choose your contribution now. Some act in the real world. Some communicate as I do. Some donate even small amounts to the real world fighters as I do. Every contribution matters. Even if you simply and silently speak these words of prayer in your own heart with this true intent:

“No more corruption. It is truly time to put an end to all the darkness on this planet. No going back to the way it was. Only light on the planet, from here on, forever.”

This intent, this prayer alone, from 7 billion people, makes it so.

I am infinitely grateful to the patriots on the front lines in DC, WI, GA, PA and everywhere that are fighting for the entire world right right now. The battles are being waged everywhere around the world, the stakes are highest in the USA right now. This is a prayer for the Patriots there that already decided that their lives, fortunes and very sacred honor were committed to this process we are all seeing through to the end now, shoulder to shoulder.

Nothing could ever have stopped what is coming.

Light of God be with all of us.


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